Sunday, April 8, 2012

VU Hydrology field courses

It is April and the weather is getting better. Time to leave the classrooms and venture out to the real world. The Twente and Portugal field courses will start next month and this blog will keep you informed. Two BSc Earth Sciences students (Evy and Leonie) will join the team in Aveiro for their BSc science project.

The 2012 student team was: Abdulkadir, Donovan, Chantal, Emiel, Sietse, Miguel, Valentina, Ivan, Sanne, Lucas, Joel, Robin, Leo, Ted, Hilbert, Lex, Ilaria, Arjan, Evy, Leonie, Jun and Patrich. Henk Kooi, Richard de Jeu, Yvonne van Sligtenhorst, Ilja van Meerveld, Michel Groen, Koos Groen and Maarten Waterloo are supervising. Together, we carry out hydrological field studies in Twente, The Netherlands, and around the city of Faro in the Algarve and the town of Vagos in North Portugal.