Sunday, June 3, 2012

Arrival in Aveiro

On Thursday, Michel and I loaded our van with all the field equipment. It still looked rather empty when we were done, so we may have forgotten something but we couldn't figure out what. OK, today is Sunday and we've arrived this morning in Aveiro. We is me (Waterloo for short) and Ilja, who is  a novice in this field course. We have driven together for 2.5 days to reach Aveiro and Ilja sure enjoys driving through the quiet highways of Spain, especially because the driver's chair is just a bit more comfy in the long run.

Ilja at the wheels of the Transit
Ilja at the wheel of our transit

We arrived in Hotel Vegallana (my favourite watering hole at Boadilla just passed Salamanca) in the evening and enjoyed a Sumo de Melocoton while waiting for dinner.

Waterloo relaxing outside the Vegellana bar, while inside the bullfight continues and the crowd cheers

Not many exciting things to report yet. Just that we had excellent coffee, perhaps, and that Ilja has now discovered the sunny beach of Costa Nova... I am waiting for a call from our first batch of students who would arrive later this afternoon. The other batch will arrive tomorrow after spending a balmy night in Lisbon. To be continued...
Waterloo enjoying his second bica of this year

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