Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fishing in Barra...

"We will be on the beach on the right side of the pier" said Emiel when he left with Ivan to try and catch some fish. Michel and I were at the student's house in Barra where life in the evening continues at a different pace than during the day. We had just delivered some tubes for use with the inverted Hooghoudt auger hole method, when they walked out with their fishing rods. We decided to take a look at the beach at sunset, which we do not do often enough.

Ivan and Emiel fishing on the Beach in Barra
It proved to be not as pleasant as we thought it would be. Everybody on the beach was trying to fend off a lot of small, itchy flies. Ivan caught a Robalo and we left. Don't know what happened to Emiel, Ivan and the flies...

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