Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello there, the MSc field course team is now complete. Yesterday we teamed up with the students that wanted a day of rest, whereas those who went to Lisbon first arrived in Barra today and already had a visit to the beach. Abdi and Donovan were preparing fish and it sure smelt good.

So tomorrow we are going to start this thing. Ilja and I already did some cruising in the Vagos area today to see if our geological excursion points had not vanished. This may seem a bit strange, the dissapearance of a 60 million year old rock outcrop, but it was the fate of our Trias excursion point a few years back which disappeared behind a newly built concrete  structure. No surprises there today, fortunately.

Ilja at C2 formation, Mammarossa
Ilja making notes at the Cretaceous C2 formation with our van in the back. This wall of sand has a nice layer of mica in it, turning your hands to a shiny silver...
Now it is up to me to organize all maps and make sure that we can have a smooth start tomorrow. To be continued for sure...

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